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Life before Siberians...

  ...and why we can't live without them!

Our family has always loved and adored wildlife, pets and nature. But the top of the list has always been cats, kittens and every size & shape of feline!
We appreciate their nature, quirks, their attitude and presence! We have had cats for over 50 years with experience in observing, raising, learning, breeding and living with them in every stage of life from newborns to 21-year-old seniors. We are still finding new things out about their nature, needs and nutrition. And that there is a cat personality for everyone.


For over 12 years I have been researching, watching and wishing for the right timing and a beautiful Siberian cat to add to our family. Seeing what friendly, gregarious beauties they were and considering the allergies in our family they were a definite dream come true! 


We finally have our first family of sweet Siberians from Europe! More than a pair now... but you can't get just one!  Which helped us to decide to share our "pot o' gold" with others.


As a family with allergies and asthma issues, the Siberian breed has opened a whole new world of possibilities as companion to help us destress, take our minds off the mundane and open our hearts. 


Other families like ours who have cat allergies are unable to adopt a shelter cat. We are potentially placing pets where none would be. For us to nurture, and them to enrich our lives.
Breeding hypoallergenic cats does not deprive rescue cats of homes thankfully.  Most of our kittens go into allergic or asthmatic pet homes. 


We also find that those employed in educational, health, and service fields can be concerned about carrying fel d-1 into work on their clothing and hair that cause distress to sensitive patients, students, or clients.


Reason enough for us to take hard earned time, cash and energy to share a lovely breed of cats that just want to be your cuddly buddy. To enrich your quality of life in many ways.

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” Sigmund Freud
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