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Please consider what is truly important for you and your family in owning a kitten. Also why your home will be the perfect home for one of our kittens.
Health and nutritional questions are welcome.  
Phone and email information are required.
City and State are needed as well. Thanks
We do not ship. 
You will need to pick up your kitten,
*so make sure you bring a safe cat carrier at kitten pick-up.
What you receive with our kittens

The parents used in our breeding are tested for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)

We also test our cats for PKD-1 and PKD(def) via genetic test, as well as other known diseases and traits. We want to send a healthy kitten home with you.  


Depending on the age that kitten/cat leave for their homes (14-16 weeks), they will have had


            * 1 test for parasites or/and a deworming 


            *  FVRCP vaccines will be completed, (* the 3rd you will need to schedule the last one 
              if kitten is going home before 18 weeks).


            * 1 Rabies vaccine may be completed (* only if kitten/cat is 6 mo. old or more) 


            * FeLV/FIV free cattery


            * Kitten will be microchipped before going home and registered with The Cat Fanciers Association

              (upon our receiving your Vet receipt of kittens spay/neuter)  


            * a loving healthy companion with a pack of things they are used to for a fresh start, so they are made                                    comfortable with their new family and surroundings.



Reserve/deposit for kitten $500.  We do encourage payments toward the balance with final due two weeks before pick up 

 (we only accept 3-4 deposits per litter- before birth)

 * request password

Contact us...

request password

Please ONLY apply after looking over *Purchase Info, 

and interested in possible kitten purchase.
* request password from us for Purchase Info please

             ~You will want to read that over BEFORE Application ~

First & last Name *

Your E-mail *

Address *

City *

State *

zip code *

Phone *

Over 18? *

Rent or Own home *

Other pets in home *

Pets animal/peple aggressive? *

...if so, please explaine

How many people live in your home? *

Ages of children? *

Hrs per day will your pet be alone? *

Where will your cat live/play? *

What you plan to feed your kitten?

Anyone in your home have allergies/asthma?

* Have you ever surrendered a pet?

* Why? circumstances?

Preference in color/sex of kitten?

Preference in personality/energy of kitten?

How did you hear about us? *

Something about YOU...* interest/expirence with cats... Thanks! 

Thank you!  ... sent

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