Our Siberians 

Our Pedigreed Siberians are each unique in their personality and look. True to their heritage and "type" they are all gorgeous Baltic country "Imports"
It is just a bonus if they have Champion or Grand Champion parents.
It means they are true to the bloodlines of a great Siberian in confirmation and temperament.


Our kings


La Neve*PLBuran of a'Blaze Siberians is from Poland of La Neve*PL Cattery in Swidnica. Grand Champions and Champions in his parentage.

He demands his say and just wants to be with you, held by you with your undivided attention. 

Lorenzo's Fire

Our handsome Lorenzo was born and raised in our cattery to sweet Elaina. 
He's a wonderful combination of his father Buran and grandfather Haim. 
One of the most loving and sweet boys we've ever met.
We look forward to a bright future for him.

Our Queens

a'BlazeJuliet'sStormsm (3).jpg
Juliet's Storm

Juliet is Noble and Eva's daughter born here in a'Blaze Cattery..
She is a black smoke tortie girl and has a purr to match her beauty.

A charmer with a lot to offer to her future offspring. 
She is a new queen and mother in 2021



Little Beauty LyuMur of a'Blaze 

Truly the most beautiful Russia has to offer. Beauty has the most beautiful blue eyes in the sweetest face.

Coming from Tver with a Sire who is a Grand International Champion and Champion mother. Only the best breeding!

z.uuuZ3.5.mo clear(3).jpg

Vivalavita Zabava of a'Blaze. Zavava means Joy... she can be a bright spot in our day so we call her Bava. 

Coming from Moscow with a Sire who is a Champion and Grand International 

Champion, she is adding some traditional and  blazing color to our Siberian family.


a'Blaze Elaina is sweet Daina's daughter. She was born here at a'Blaze Cattery and inherited her mothers gentle nature. Her sire was Haim from Russia a big sweet bear of a boy.

She too is a funny girl who brings her toys to you so you can make them come to life for her.