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Cats & Declawing

  • What is Declawing?

  • Cat Declawing – FAQs

  • End Declawing: Talking Points

Say NO to declawing

What is declawing?

  • Declawing is a serious surgery where a cat’s toe bones and claws are amputated. Despite its name, declawing isn’t just the removal of a cat’s claws. If the same procedure was performed on a human, his finger would be amputated at the last knuckle.

  • Many cat owners are unaware of the risks of declawing and the pain that cats suffer. Governments have an obligation to protect consumers and animal welfare by making declawing illegal except when medically necessary.

What are the long-term physical and behavioral impacts of declawing?

  • Chronic pain, lameness, bone spurs, necrosis, and nerve damage

  • Aversion to using the litter box (due to the cat’s pain in their paws)

  • Increased biting (in compensation for the loss of claws)

Does declawing keep cats out of shelters?

  • No. There are no studies finding that declawing keeps cats out of shelters. Furthermore, it’s common for cats to be surrendered due to the behavioral problems caused by declawing.

Which municipalities or countries have declawing bans?

  • Declawing is illegal in most European countries, as well as Israel.

  • In the U.S., many Californian cities have passed declawing bans, including Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Burbank, Culver City, Berkeley and San Francisco.



 “Declawing is an inhumane and misguided procedure that subjects cats to unnecessary pain.”– Eileen Jefferson,

  veterinarian and member of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association.


                                                                article from: "For All Animals" 

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